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Our foundry covers an area of 16, 000m2, and an industrial constructing area of 8,600m2. The company now has 45 employees, including 5 engineering technicians and 12 intermediate technicians above. It is a base of iron casting. The Material can be grey iron 150-350, ductile iron 450-750, ADI,malleable cast iron,abrasion resistant cast iron. The casting unit weight can be from 0.2 kg to 140 ton. It is accredited to TS16949.
It possesses the equipment of 4 centrifugal casting machines,with the diameter of the biggest centrifugal machine being 1200 mm;10T/hour stationary muller; two sets of 1-ton medium-frequency induction furnace; two sets of 0.5-ton medium-frequency induction furnace.
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