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Succeed in Producing New Product Samples
2017-8-4 17:22:40
Form July 26th to 28th, Japanese Customer visited five factories of our company, and inspected eight kinds of new product samples which have just been finished. ...
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Dragon Boat Festival
2017-5-25 10:02:43
Our company will be off work on holiday for Dragon Boat Festival from May. ...
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Japanese Client coming for the Product Inspection
2017-5-5 13:32:08
On 4th May 2017,Our Japanese client visited our company to carry out the on-site quality inspection before delivery. ...
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Notice of the Labour Day Holidays
2017-4-28 13:29:48
Our office will be closed form Apr.29th,2017 to May,ist,2017 for the coming International Labour ...
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Japanese Client Coming for the Inspection of the Products
2017-4-11 14:37:47
From 5th. Apr. to 7th Apr.2017, our Japanese client’s inspector visited our company to carry ...
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