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Our welding company was established in March 2004. There are 50 employees, including 9 welders. It covers an area of 6240 m2, and building area of 3290 m2.. It is mainly engaged in welding parts, pressure vessel, and machinery and electric parts. It is accredited to ISO 9001:2000.
It possesses the equipment of long distance auto-welding machine 1set, re-melting welding equipment 1 set, plate shearing machine 1 set, NC cutting machine 1 set, Plasma cutting machine 4 sets, cutting machine 4 sets, plate bending machine 1 set,? positioner 3 sets, 150 ton can flanging machine 4 sets, all kinds of welding equipment more than 20 sets, painting equipment 1 set, water pressure and air leakage equipment, crane 16 ton- 1 set 10 ton- 1set 5 ton-2 sets 1 ton-5 sets etc.

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